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The Russell Hustle

The Russell Hustle is the Earth's most exhaustive Kurt Russell fancast. Each episode, Nick, Ryan, Ben, and Tom will delve deep into the actor's filmography, share his unauthorized biography, and even explore some of his family's films.

May 10, 2022

No episode this week for the boys, due to unforeseen illnesses, but they'll be back soon with Ep. 9! Thank you all for your understanding.

Apr 26, 2022

Flash! The boys find themselves adrift, adrift in another of Kurt Russell's TV appearances. This time, they're here to cover Lost in Space! Will they discover what the difference between seaweed and kelp is?

Discussed topics include: cilantro, Fast & Furious, The Order of the Caged Rat, Will Robinson, rites of passage,...

Apr 12, 2022

It's time for the boys' first Side Hustle™ as they delve into a Bing Fling—that is, a movie with Kurt Russell's father, Bing Russell. Their movie of choice? The 1960 classic Western, The Magnificent Seven.

Join in as the boys discuss: Lou Gehrig's bat, The Talking Heads, field of creams, Eli Wallach, Seven Samurai,...

Mar 29, 2022

The boys head to Rat Hole Alley to find their Blue Heaven. That's right, it's another trip to the Wild West as they watch and discuss an episode of Gunsmoke!

Discussion points include: U2, Disney World, MENSA, MK Ultra, Matt Dillon, what is The Look™, catfish jokes, leprosy, what the word allegedly means, Rat...

Mar 15, 2022

Exactly how much scissoring did Civil War generals learn at West Point? The boys aim to find out in this family drama Disney movie, Mosby's Marauders!

Everything is covered including: Paul Helliwell, Eva Braun, Castle Bank and Trust, the Civil War, Frying Pan Church, Peggy Lipton, shotgun weddings, scissor movements,...