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Your New Opinion

Are you sick and tired of having your own thoughts and viewpoints? Let our podcast decide for you!

Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues.

Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show!

Oct 1, 2021

The boys take the stage in this episode, debating the two different types of comedy shows. Stand Up vs Improv!

There's a bit of a twist that our judge Nick throws at the boys, as he wants the debate to match the topic. On that end, Ben has prepared arguments for stand-up. Meanwhile, Ryan doesn't find out what the topic is until recording this ep. So, he'll have to improvise his points for improv.

Discussion points include: Ernest Hemmingway, trust, Jim Gaffigan, social situations, Lenny Bruce, listening, the Improv Research Center, participation trophies, Ken Burns documentaries, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and 100 mouse traps.