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The Russell Hustle

The Russell Hustle is the Earth's most exhaustive Kurt Russell fancast. Each episode, Nick, Ryan, Ben, and Tom will delve deep into the actor's filmography, share his unauthorized biography, and even explore some of his family's films.

Jun 1, 2018

Disney is getting dumped on all over the place lately: Star Wars has reached a new low, Roseanne Barr is being racist, and even ESPN is struggling. It's time to get back to what they're good at--classics. And it's up to the boys to decide what Disney movie is the best.

The uncultured swine otherwise known as Nick picks the only movie he can think of which is Snow White. Meanwhile, Ryan points his baton at Fantasia. 

Listen in as the boys discuss: Robin Williams, Public Domain, the Brothers Grimm, the Toxic Avenger, the Church of Scientology, dancing hippos, Dire Straits, rap battles, the Simpsons, and a back tattoo depicting Dante's Inferno.

Your princes have already come on this episode: What is the Best Disney Movie?