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The Russell Hustle

The Russell Hustle is the Earth's most exhaustive Kurt Russell fancast. Each episode, Nick, Ryan, Ben, and Tom will delve deep into the actor's filmography, share his unauthorized biography, and even explore some of his family's films.

Jan 11, 2019

The boys turn 100. Can you believe they've hit their centennial mark? Because they sure can't. In a navel-gazing episode, they turn personal looking back at past episodes and then finding out Mike's true best friend.

Listen as the boys get some of the listeners' favorite moments, a special message from an old friend, the boys' personal favorite episodes, and the stats of who has won the most episodes!

Then, treat yourself to a special trivia game! Find out what the following things have to do with Judge Mike: the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Hey Arnold!, Stephen King, The Who, Kanye West, Azerbaijan, To Kill a Mockingbird, spiders, Rocko's Modern Life, Steam, fixing mods, Ford Escorts, Bob Barker, Phantom of the Opera, the Big Bang Theory, and Lagavulin.

What was Mike's excuse to get out of a haunted house? How has  Ryan cheated? Has Nick ever regretted an episode?

Find out in episode 100: Mike's Best Friend!