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The Russell Hustle

The Russell Hustle is the Earth's most exhaustive Kurt Russell fancast. Each episode, Nick, Ryan, Ben, and Tom will delve deep into the actor's filmography, share his unauthorized biography, and even explore some of his family's films.

May 10, 2019

That's right, the crossover event that you've always wanted. Matt and Nick from the great nerdy podcast Hard at Work swing by to debate amongst themselves, while the YNO boys judge. It's a match that you can only get digitally...

Hard at Work Nick wants things now as he speaks up for digital media. Hard at Work Matt prefers the tangible and debates for physical media. Who will win?

Listen as they discuss: being homeless, Amazon Kindle, Days Gone, GameStop, St. Anger, libraries, Daredevil starring ben Affleck, Game of Thrones, and trips to target.

How many CDs does Ryan own? What is Mike's complaint about Netflix? How does Nick prefer to pay at a store? What is Hard at Work Matt's sexual proclivity? When does hard at Work Nick think The Matrix will come?

Download this! Digital vs Physical Media!