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Your New Opinion

Are you sick and tired of having your own thoughts and viewpoints? Let our podcast decide for you!

Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues.

Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show!

Mar 26, 2021

With returning special guest debator Chris Intelligence Agency, the boys get tired of waiting for the next Fast and Furious movie to come out. Instead, here they are with their own versions of a future film in the franchise!

Ben starts things off with his movie Fast and Furiosa. Chris has Fast and Furious: End of the Road. And Nick writes his plot out for Fur10us. Listen in as they hit the points of: an opening sequence, the director, which characters are returning, what new actors are joining the franchise, their antagonist, the antagonist's 2nd in command, the overall plot, and which band or artist will score the closing scenes. Which movie will Ryan pick as the next Fast and Furious flick?

Discussion topics include: Coronas, open graves, nude beaches, James Cameron, Elsa Pataky, Guillermo del Toro, deepfakes, Conor McGregor, venture capitalists, the grim reaper, bocci ball, birthmarks, practical effects, and Big Foot mating calls.