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The Russell Hustle

The Russell Hustle is the Earth's most exhaustive Kurt Russell fancast. Each episode, Nick, Ryan, Ben, and Tom will delve deep into the actor's filmography, share his unauthorized biography, and even explore some of his family's films.

May 18, 2018

Catchphrases. We all love them. Whether in movies or sitcoms, a good catchphrase makes or breaks a brand. And if anyone's in need of rebranding, it's YNO's own Judge Mike. It's time for the boys to do a symbolic makeover! 

Both Ryan and Nick have written some juicy slogans for Mike to try out. But, as always, only one can walk away with the win.

Listen in as the boys talk about everything including: Seinfeld, vegan hot dogs, touchdowns, Odell Beckham Jr, New Girl, Emeril Lagasse, blood, hot golf chicks in skirts, unwanted Katy Perry kisses, Reddit copypasta, and road rage.

Will Mike do an Andrew Dice Clay impersonation? Will Ryan get in the mindset of a Wide Receiver? Will Nick reveal his sexual experience? Homey DO play that: Mike's new catchphrase!

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